general questions


I don’t know what kind of web package I need!

We offer several types of web design.

Ecommerce: Shopping cart software to manage a store
Informational: this is a brochure type website with content only, no buying capabilities or special functionality (like forums or profiles etc)
Custom blog: Pretty much the same thing but with the blog being the primary focus rather than static content

I know I need ecommerce, but which package is right for me?

The answer to this is one I typically feel out. The lowest package is for someone who already has pretty established branding. Usually I only recommend this for someone who has a good solid foundation to work on and just needs a bit of a redesign. Make sure that they understand the risk in this is that there’s no guarantee that we’ll finish under 20 hours, and project time could expand very easily.

The middle package is called Jan, our middle child. It will work for a company that needs full branding or a brand new look for their business.

Our largest package, the Goldilocks (it’s just right), is for the company who is looking for extensive branding and illustrations. This is also a good package if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, if you’re admittedly indecisive, or if you have a hard time communicating what you like, don’t like about something and why.

I want to sign up! How do I get started?

Click here to fill out our contact form or call us at 888-511-0479. We’ll send you your questionnaires, contract, and an invoice where you can make your deposit with a credit card online.

payment questions


What are your rates?

I don’t need a logo/blog/whatever, can I get a discount?

Not with the Goldilocks, custom blog or info site, but we can discuss getting some credit design hours in lieu of services. We have some new ecommerce packages that don’t include print materials.

I already have a logo, can I get a discount?

No, if you feel that it’s well branded, you could probably go with one of the smaller packages though.

What are the payments and when are they due?

Most of our packages are on a three payment system:
*Deposit – $995 due when you’re ready to commit
*Payment 2 – 50% of remainder due prior to start of design in the week that you book with your start date
*Payment 3 – Remainder, due prior to start of installation of art into software

Why does your web design cost so much?

We’re a full service company with loads of experience. We make unique, professional websites and provide oodles of business consulting from marketing and branding to SEO and more. Click here for a full list of reasons to hire us.

What will my other monthly and annual costs be?

For Quirky Bird? None unless you choose to hire us for marketing, technical or graphic maintenance. All other maintenance is handled on a case by case basis.

a la carte

If I do my own design, can you guys install it for me and teach me how to use Magento?

We don’t currently have pricing set up for this, but we can discuss options if you’re interested.

Can I get you guys to just do design and we’ll have our programmer install it?

We don’t currently have pricing set up for this, but we can discuss options if you’re interested.

I need business cards/web banners/temporary tattoos with my site but it’s not part of the package, how long does it take to make me some?

We can quote you out how long we think it’ll take once your site design is completed, but generally we can complete any small marketing materials under an hour.



How long will it be before my site is live?

To build a beautiful, well branded, user friendly website, you should give yourself at least 6 months. Keep in mind that you can’t launch until you complete your content entry, which you think you can do in two weeks but realistically will take you several months.

So-and-so said they can build my site in 2-3 weeks. Why can’t you?

Designing and branding your website is hard work. It’s like web therapy – it’s a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. It usually doesn’t happen on the first shot (though sometimes it does, but it’s rare). We’ve got to work through everything you send in your questionnaire so that we understand what you like, what you don’t like – and so that YOU essentially are clear on what you like and don’t like. We are not magicians, we don’t have a magic hat to pull designs out of or a crystal ball to help us read your mind. Working together and collaborating is crucial to the process working effectively.

We could build you a site in a month – but it’s not going to be what you really want.

Another aspect to keep in mind is your content entry. Especially with ecommerce, it generally takes our clients months and months to get their content entered in. 90% of the time, we are waiting on the client to complete their tutorials and content entry to install the art.

As a final note – we also spend so much time with you to educate you on all of the components of your site as well as running an online business. We don’t build your site and then pat you on the head and tell you to have a nice life. We hold your hand and walk you through every corner of your online business, and though it’s not hard, it’s a lot to do.

I booked my start date. Can I start taking out ads and marketing my site?

We suggest waiting until your site is live and you have a soft launch before you make any marketing promises.

I have a very strict deadline. How will my project work and can you promise that we’ll be live by then?

We suggest giving yourself 6 months to build and launch your site. It can happen faster than that, but make sure you pad your timeline. We can’t promise that your site will be completed on any date, again – we’d either need a crystal ball or a really reliable ouija board to stand up behind a strict deadline.



How do you come up with your designs?

We have a questionnaire that is all about design and is how we get to know you. It’s the most important thing you’ll ever send to us. We really see ourselves as a medium for you and your vision. As you can see in our portfolio, all of our sites have a different look and feel…this is because we really focus on building something that represents you well.

Who retains the copyright of the images?

Once you make your final payment, the graphics and source code is yours.

technical questions


Do I need to be computer savvy?

The better you can navigate your way around the internet and web based programs, the easier this will be for you. If you rarely use the computer, this could be a pretty difficult process for you. We’re super patient though and can provide lots of educational support.

So, you’re going to teach me how to run my Magento cart with my package price?

We’ve been working in Magento for four years which practically makes us Grandparents in Magento’s lifespan. We are super savvy, but to get our package prices lower we’ve had to cut out our free educational services. We’re now offering Magento educational support for 50/hr. Clients generally will book a few hours and we’ll work through them. Otherwise, we have some documentation that we’ve created over the years to assist you if you’re a go-getter.

What shopping cart software do you use?

Magento (community version), it’s amazing! Check out their website for more info: www.magentocommerce.com

Do you provide warranties for my cart?

No, any software installed for you is installed AS IS. We’re fully capable of fixing things that are broken, but these will incur commission.

Will you integrate any third party software for me?

We can integrate third party software, however this requires custom programming. If you’d like a quote let us know.

Will you integrate my cart with my warehouse/fulfillment center?

We can integrate your cart with your warehouse, however this requires custom programming. Let us know if you need this and we can get you a quote.