meet staci

644249_10151445424418369_1429586826_nSTACI BRILLHART


A stay at home mom in Denver, owner and independent designer Staci Brillhart has been cranking out hip, boutique web designs since 2004. It all began with the birth of her first child and the necessity for funky-cool baby gear on a shoe-string budget. She saw fun baby stuff in magazines and boutiques and would think to herself…’I could do that’!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention–and it proved true for Staci. She dusted off her machine and got to it–the beginnings of what became her boutique –

So now she had the goodies, but how to sell them? She had to get a site together and did, but it was awful! So she taught herself html and how to use Photo and Web creating software and now is creating fun, original sites like you see here.

It’s through all of this experience that she’s able to not only advise you, but to build a site with style and function, as well as set you up for success so that by the time she’s through with you, you’ll be a pro too.