Hear it straight from our fabulous clients! Feel free to email any of them to ask them personally about their experience with us.

Chelsea Farmer

Thank you SOOOOOOO much for our kick butt new website!!!! We could not be any happier with it! LOVED working with y’all!!!! It’s even better than we could have imagined!


Zoe Mohler

I Love Quirky Bird.

I hired Quirky Bird to design my first website – I selected QB based upon their portfolio and their incredibly unique design concepts. In all of my research for boutique web design companies, there was no one who even came close to their unique concepts. Everything I found was a copy of something else on the web – QB was the only web design company where I would view each of their sites and see something totally different and not trendy. I was new to the web designing process and Staci and her team guided me every step of the way.

From design, SEO, marketing and concepts – QB perched me to become not just an online business but an online presence. I am well aware that most web site design companies do not instruct you about SEO as you build your site. Staci’s design concepts are top notch – she is unique, creative and not interested in just slapping up a site to complete a project. If she doesn’t agree with a design concept she will be honest – I appreciate honesty over someone who will cater to me, even if it’s not the best decision. As with all creative processes, the web design took time and I am thankful for this as I wouldn’t want just a template for my site. It’s a personal extension of myself and my business and I wanted it to be perfect – Staci made sure of this.

It’s, two years later and I still love my site. I have decided to create a new site to stay current with my competition – I hired QB again to help me with the process. After working with Staci the past two years, she understands me, my taste and my branding. As a result, my second site will be even bigger and better. I can’t wait!


Chris williard

I just wanted to say that I am IN LOVE with my website.  It looks absolutely fabulous.  It is so reflective of my style–it’s really like you have been in my home and we have gone shopping together!  You have really nailed it. 

Allison Krongard

My experience with Quirky Bird has been first rate. Staci is an amazing artist, an SEO and marketing expert, responds to questions immediately and is totally fun to work with. I’ve recommended her to several entrepreneur friends all with happy results.


Sharon Feldstein

A huge thank you!

I love how the website has turned out. It is exactly what I had hoped for and imagined when I first considered outsourcing the design. It is unique, upscale and crafty, and fun and easy to surf around. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Maggie Clarke

A huge thank you!

We love our website! You guys took our aesthetic, our ideas, and all of our little quirks and made it into something awesome that we’re so proud of. One of the best parts is how AMAZING your team was to work with! Everyone was so nice and understanding. It felt like a real team effort and the result is a gorgeous, well designed site that we get complimented on all the time. Thanks guys!

Elise Ballard


Dear Quirky Bird team,
I just wanted to let you know that every single person who has been to my site and given me feedback has complimented it and many professionals have told me that it was extremely intuitive and effective. I know I still have a learning curve and things to do to utilize it to its full potential but I just want to acknowledge what a wonderful, creative job you all did and say – WOO-HOOO – WE DID IT!!  : ) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
All my best,


Jessica Smith

We could not be happier with our new website and with our overall experience with Staci and Quirky Bird.  Staci worked tirelessly with us to be sure that we had the look for our site that we envisioned, even though we didn’t even know what that was at the start.  Staci guided us along through the design process until we found the look and feel we were hoping for but couldn’t come up with ourselves.
The education we received through the course of this process has been invaluable.  We were total novices and the team took the time to teach us not only the inner workings of Magento, but also Photoshop Elements, Seach Engine Optimization, and much more.  Staci, April, Parrish, Jeff, and Ryan all have a wonderful way of teaching tech by using plain speak and a “for dummies” approach if need be (and for me-the need be).  Due to all of the instruction given I am happy to report that our site ranks higher on google where it counts than I ever dreamed possible.
 I also appreciated the speed in which concerns and issues were addressed.  This is a process for sure and I have appreciated the quality of communication throughout.
We are veteran “brick and mortar” retailers who hoped to have a smooth transition to a “click and mortar” structure. We could not be happier with the result.  Analytics don’t lie and we are experiencing a remarkable increase in traffic, an influx of new Gift Registries, and (most importantly) new sales that could not have been ours before.
I know that we were no picnic to deal with and I appreciate the Quirky Bird team for being flexible, accommodating, creative, and for delivering everything that was promised and more.
If anyone would like to chat further about our experience please feel free to contact me at  Good Luck!


Jessica Leale

In the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Quirky Bird on two different websites. The “Head Honcho/Lead Designer” Staci Brillhart was incredibly knowledgeable about all subjects ranging from design & layout to SEO. She took control of my websites on a project level, but was always open to our ideas and visions. She withstood months of changes and indecision on our part with ease and enthusiasm. Her goal was to make us happy, no matter the work it meant for her and her team.

Their packages are beyond affordable, even for a start-up company like ours, yet they offer the same services and site functionality of those website designers that cost 4 times what they charge. The team was amazing to work with; they were professional, supportive, instructive and motivating. As a small company, with no technology department, I felt many times as if they were part of my team. They really WANT their clients to succeed… they truly care. If you are one of the lucky ones, and have chosen Quirky Bird to create your website, you can count on a wonderfully designed site that fits exactly what you are looking for, and the knowledge of how to run it yourself so that you do not need to incur endless consulting bills.


Julie Erwin

Hello, everyone at Quirky Bird.
I love my website!  You translated my needs, my whims and my aesthetic into a website that is more beautiful and functional than I could ever have imagined.
I want to thank you all for making this website happen….and if any of you need any health & nutrition counseling…well, you know where to find me.
Thank you so very very much,
Julie Erwin


Lyn Pollard

As you may have heard me say (ok, I’ve said it MANY times) – I LOVE Quirky Bird. Quirky Bird Inc. is the company I chose to create the new website – and I am so very glad I did. Throughout the process (and it was quite a process) they continually gave me great advice, great customer service and in the end, what I think is a truly great website. I am officially a happy customer!So, now that the site is completed (well, there may be a page or two that I’m still tweaking!) I thought it would be fun to show you a little bit about the design process and how it all came together.

It all started with a piece of fabric and one of my favorite vintage aprons. I sent both to Staci for inspiration and low and behold, a design was born! Next, I sent Staci a few different shapes and sizes of my original Oilcloth Mini Chalkboard Labels to use in creating the new Chalkydoodles logo.

Next steps were to define my products, categories, the overall way I wanted the site to function, etc . That was definitely the hard part! While I worked on that and also got to work on loading my products, Staci did her magic and turned my vintage apron, the floral fabric, the graphics from the logo design and my ideas for the site design into this – the finished product! (notice the lace and embroidery from the vintage apron at the top!)

Just a very small taste of the website design process, but I think a lot of fun to see how it all came together. Once we completed the actual design, the QB technical team got to work on coding everything.

Then came the testing period (definitely not my favorite part of website development) which is so crucial to ensuring everything is working correctly and that the customer has a good experiece while on the site.

We finally got everything fixed and tweaked and it was time to flip the switch! Chalkydoodles officially went LIVE on Thursday, January 14th. All in all, more than a 6-month long process. But, in the end, definitely worth it!

Once again, thank you Quirky Bird for a job well done (and for all the fun we had doing it!)


Em Tanner

Staci, Staci, Staci…This girl has been through the ringer over the past couple of months…BUT in the end i think she has “WRANGLED the Emster”! AND that is a hard thing to do! Anyone who knows me can vouch for that!

I have cursed like a sailor, cried like a baby, and freaked out like a mental patient and low and behold she and the Quirky Bird Gang stood by me through it all–yesterday my chat box from her just said…”deep breaths!, deep breaths! (i was in the midst of a website FREAKOUT session)HA—it cracks me up some people havent a clue how to deal w/me but she honestly does it beautifully for some reason?! WE love love love our new website and love our newfound “biz buddies” at Quirky Bird! Stace, hate to tell ya but i am afraid you might be in it for the long haul!=)Now, tomorrow we will all be ironing out the wholesale site and hopefully we will have all the “functionality”finished…still have products to add but we will always be doing that! And yes, one day that godforsaken chore chart will be finished….we PROMISE you wont have to wait too awful much longer…we are trying trying trying..just not enough hours in the day!Oh and all the wholesalers (new wholesalers that is that are interested) we know you have been emailing emailing emailing…BUT when the wholesale site is complete we will be emailing instructions to get this show on the road so be on the lookout for them…thanks so much for everyone’s support, patience, etc–you guys ROCK!

Thanks a million Staci, and the QB crew –Thanks for putting up w/me and my DRAMA! xoxo..Em


Jennifer Stith, Blonde Birdie

Staci and her team at Quirky Bird have made my business possible! I searched online for a website designer that matched my own personality and the first couple of times I talked to Staci I knew it was a perfect fit. Even the first step of filling out the design questionnaires was helpful to really pinpoint what it was that I wanted out of the website.

The design process was fun and we got to work together on all aspects of the site. Once the design part was finished the technical stuff was completely taken care of for me, which was a huge plus- I know nothing about that part and didn’t want to have to spend time learning it. I think I worked with just about everyone at Quirky Bird on different aspects: Staci for the site design and graphics, April is a lifesaver with tutorials and a whiz with the back office end, Daniel got all the technical stuff up and running and was so patient through all my “tweaks,” Jeff was super helpful in setting up the credit processing and keeping all the financial stuff on track, and Parrish got all the printables taken care of for me and they all look fantastic.

I still have a question or two nearly every week and they continue to help me work my way through it all. The site has been up and running for several months now and I’ve had nothing but positive reactions from friends, family and most importantly in this case: customers. I am always thrilled to be able to tell people about Quirky Bird and the team because the process of building and designing the website could have been so difficult on my own but they made it so easy and fun.

Thank you thank you thank you, Quirky Bird!


Jeanette Combs, Scented Nest

This is the second e-commerce website I have had designed and set up by the Quirky Bird team!   We have two different online companies and after Staci finished the first website, we couldn’t wait to hire her for this one.  The feedback and business from the launch of the first site was phenomenal!

This second time around was a even more of a breeze, and honestly, more exciting.  I was already familiar with the Admin Panel so I didn’t have to be trained this time – and I totally let Staci go wild with the setup and design of this site.  The only direction I gave her was the name “scented nest” and that I wanted it to be fun.  Once again, I could not believe she nailed it on the first try!  Everything from her famous “quirky” design, to the layout, color scheme, functionality, and setup – were perfect and just what I had hoped for.

Quirky Bird can be trusted to be competent, knowledgeable, informative, and friendly.  I have recommended them to several of our clients and at least one has already got on their waiting list.

There is a warning!  The Quirky Bird team is so friendly, you won’t want to give them up after your website is finished!  Their genuine attitude and goal for your business and its success is something you just can’t find in today’s “get’er done” society.

I totally trust this team with my business and would not hesitate to recommend them to every company needing website design and/or setup!

Once again, THANK YOU, Quirky Bird for a fantastic job on my new website.   Looking for a hip and trendy website?  What are you waiting for?  You have found the best – guaranteed!


Jeanette, Maddison Avenue Candle Company, Inc.

Where to start!  Staci and her team at are the most amazing group to work with.  We had been searching and talking to web design companies for 3 years.  Not only were all of the quotes simply off the charts, they just didn’t have the imagination or the willingness to work with our ideas.

I don’t remember how we came upon the Quirky Bird website, but I am so glad we did.  I knew as soon as I looked through their portfolio that I had found my match.  I must have read every page on her site, several times.  I filled out the form asking for more info and got a phone call from Staci almost immediately.

Not only does Staci do a fantastic job designing just what you envisioned, she also walks you through the design process with ease and fun.  Her creativity is great, as is her ability to implement the design into a webpage that not only looks great but is functional too!

Staci was very patient as a teacher walking me through the admin of the cart.  I was overwhelmed with all of the new shopping cart features.  This will give my customers the ease of shopping they deserve.  Staci is great at giving pointers and advice about the navigation of your site.  She is so honest and even tells you if she thinks you should change something.  She truly knows how to make the navigation process of websites user friendly.  I feel Staci and her crew are committed to my company’s success – so much so that I have already booked them to do the website for our other company!  When you read on their website that it doesn’t matter if it’s your 2nd question or your 10,000th, they mean just that – trust me, I know!I have to mention the other members of the team. They are amazing!  Everyone is so willing and eager to help.  Try to find that ANYWHERE else!  It wasn’t even a problem that I asked for options that had not been implemented before.   They were so willing to set it all up.  Thank you all at Quirky Bird!  In addition, thanks for being such a trustworthy and caring group of individuals.  You all are so nice – it almost makes you forget how professional you are also.  I am just another happy customer, but I also feel as though I have new friends.

Jodi McComb, Paisley Tree Press

Staci has a perpetual artistic ability that has impressed me beyond belief.    She far exceeded any design visions I had of my own and brought inspiration to myself, as well as my business image.   Staci has an unparalleled work ethic.   She is dependable and reliable.  She was always there with a quick response to any of my questions or concerns. Staci works quickly and efficiently and is super easy to work with.  I almost don’t want her to finish my website because I will miss our frequent chats!  Staci is someone you can trust.  If you put your faith in her, you will not be disappointed!


Natasha Biasell, Ivy Public Relations

Thanks so much Staci for designing and installing my fabulous new Web site! It was a joy to work with you and I will highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in revamping their e-commerce Web sites. You posses a great eye for design and I appreciate how willing you were to work with me to figure out the exact look I wanted. You have a wonderful, delicate balance of listening closely to the client but also assisting them when it comes to making important design decisions. Thanks Staci!!!


Amy Kelly, PicFlips

Staci Brillhart is an amazing artist, programmer, multi-tasker and teacher.  We chose Staci for a number of reasons: 1.) We liked the work she had already done – it was fresh, hip and trendy, and unlike any of the other designers I had looked at, 2.) She charged a reasonable amount for the work, and we receive additional help for as long as we are a client (wow – find that somewhere else!), 3.) We wanted the PicFlips site to not look generic and like a template, but to look custom made, 4.) Since we don’t know the first thing about web designing, it was important to us to have someone make our site who was a good teacher, so we could learn to update it ourselves, 5.) We got a whole package with Staci – the web work and the printables/marketing are all in the same format – before, I was trying to make a flyer here and there but they didn’t match, and 6.) What sealed the deal was when I talked to Staci on the phone.  It was important to me to get a good gut feeling about this person I would be working side-by-side with on something as vital as our website.  She gave me a realistic time frame (yes, it was a wait, but worth it!), an idea of the process and answered all my questions.  PicFlips gets so many compliments on its website, and I always refer them back to Staci at Quirky Bird.