new site, new blog, new outlook.Sep 5th

We’ve been working through the summer on our new design, and to see it in action now – and to share it with all of you – makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

New Site

You’ll notice some things about our new site – let me give you the tour.

We have a new logo. We kept our quirky girls though just for you.

So much cleaner! We’ve put away the drawer full of links we had displayed on our last site so that you can really browse and view the art in our layouts easily.

We’re still working on updating our portfolio, featured projects, and sneak peeks. Stay tuned for that.

New pricing packages. This is probably the biggest change for us. We’re giving you all a choice of three ecommerce packages rather than just the one. Click here for info. We’re also posting web maintenance and marketing packages and more.

New Blog

Most of you have probably seen that our blog has been left in disrepair, collecting dust as we worked on the new design. I have to admit that I wasn’t very motivated to post anything here, knowing it was about to change for the oh-so-much-better. Trust me when I say I have plenty to share with you here and I’ll be posting much, much more regularly.

New Outlook

We over here at quirky bird are feeling like we’re at a new beginning. We’ve got a new perspective on life, our business, our relationships with our clients, and the projects we work on. We’ve got some amazing projects in the works with some truly amazing clients (as per the usual), and we’re thrilled to share them with you over the next few months as we enter into the holiday season.

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